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Solarhomes Ltd creates sustainable building solutions.

Our Soho Ventpac system is a high-tech, low-energy use, heating and cooling system. Talk to us about installing one, so you can take advantage of natural solar warming or solar shading, combined with natural ventilation and control of humidity, for background heating and cooling at low cost.

Our commitment to ongoing research and passion for simplicity means we can guide you to the most appropriate solution for your building's situation and need.

We use New Zealand architects and engineers to create solutions for New Zealand conditions that can be adapted for other Pacific rim countries. We have years of experience in sustainable design and integration of building automation and architecture.

Contact us now: We can work from your plans, make a site visit, or discuss your requirements with your architect.

Phone +64 4 977 8764

6 Purakau Ave
Wadestown, Wellington 6012
New Zealand

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Suburban home.
Suburban home

Bluebridge ferry terminal.
Bluebridge ferry terminal

Addition to state house.
Keeping warm in suburban state house

Natural energy solutions – for new or existing buildings

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